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If you have a car listed below and you have no keys at all or you want

to replace an engine computer, you will need this service of programming key by ECU.

Once the key is programmed or security data is transferred,

just plug the computer to the car and you good to go.


This listing is for programming two transponder keys for Lexus by ECU:

ES 300 - 1998-2001 (ECU located behind glove box)

GS 300/400 - 1998-2003 (ECU located under the hood lf)

IS 300 - 2001-2003 (ECU located under the hood lf)

LS 400 - 1998-2002 (ECU located behind glove box)

LX 470 - 1998-2002 (ECU located behind glove box)

RX 300 – 1998-2003 (ECU located behind glove box)

SC 300/400 - 1998-2000 (ECU located behind glove box).

We don't make keys and remotes by the VIN number, we only

need a copy of your license and registration for our records.

Please click here to download the authorization form

Print, fill and sign this form then send it with your package or

email to:

we require this signed form to cut a key by the lock and (or) program key by the module

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