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Brand: Xhorse Model: PCK-XH-056
This cable is used for VVDI Diagnostic interface, if your cableis damaged or lost, you can buy it for a replacement.Package list: 1pc x VVDI Main Testing Cable...
Brand: Xhorse Model: PCK-XH-037
Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Renew Cable For MK3 & Xhorse AdaptersPackage includes:XHORSE VVDI KEY TOOL Renew MK3 Cable (1pcs).For use with MK3 or Ikeycloneand Xhorse key renew adapter set.  ..
Brand: Xhorse Model: PCK-XH-104
(No Need to Register Condor)Notice: You also need to get Xhorse VVDI2 ID48 CopyFunction Authorization Service. VVDI2 48 transpondercopy adapter working together with VVDI can copy48 transponder of 4th Immobilizer system.The supported type incl. NEC24C32, NEC24C64, NEC24C64a colour ins..
Brand: Xhorse Model: PCK-XH-055
Package List:   1pc x VVDI MB TOOL OBD Cable...
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