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Model: PCK-TC-001
Function:The F20/F30/F35/X5/X6/I3 test platform FOR BMW is easy to detect FEM BDC Control Module in good condition.Working together with BMW FEM/BDC key programmer (i.e Yanhua BMW-FEM, BMW Explorer, VVDI2 BMW,CGDI Prog etc.) and BMW F series FEM Blade key, FEM BDC Module Test Platform is a..
Brand: Scorpio-lk Model: PCK-EP-003
BMW ISN DME Cable for MSV and MSD works with XHORSE VVDI2or CGDI BMW, read out BMW ISN on bench.Connect the Cable with ECU and device. Don't need drill hole for boot bin. Package: 1pc x BMW ISN DME Cable for MSV and MSD...
Model: PCK-KM-KR55
First in the world KR55 Keymaker - now with radio channel programming. It works equally with lost keys and adding key!The KR55 keymaker is a new device that allows you to make new keys on the following car models:- 2007-2018 Dodge Sprinter W(C)906- 2003-2008 Chrysler Crossfire- 1996-2..
Model: PCK-TC-002
BMW CAS4 & CAS4+ Test Platform works with VVDI2 Features:With this test platform, the BMW CAS4 CAS4 + key can be programmed on the workbench by OBD without opening the machine cover, thus avoiding car power loss and data loss caused by long-time unlocking of the CAS4 / CAS4 + on the car.&nb..
Brand: Xhorse Model: PCK-XH-058
VVDI MB NEC ELV Adaptor can work together with VVDI MB BGA. If Benz W202/W204/W212 steering lock is broken, you can use thisVVDI MB NEC EVL Adaptor and VVDI BGA to renew, then use VVDI MB BGA to reprogram. If cannot renew successfully, you need to get SO386 ELV Emulator to change. ..
Brand: Xhorse Model: PCK-XH-035
Package includes:1pc x PCF79XX - adapter. Supports chip models:PCF7922PCF7941PCF7945PCF7952PCF7953PCF7961 Pcf79xx chip function  (1) currently, PCF79XX chip support lock, unlock and read/write data.(2) renew function will be added in the coming days, it will loadcorresponding ..
Brand: Xhorse Model: PCK-XH-006
Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Adapters Key Renew AdaptersPackage contains 1full set VVDI key tool EEPROM adapters.VVDI key tool adapters unlock kit. You can unlocktheoriginal locked controls and re-encode them...
Brand: Xhorse Model: PCK-XH-048
Package list:VVDI PROG ECU reflash cable (1pcs).  ..
Brand: Xhorse Model: PCK-XH-038
Adapter instruction: Use appropriate clip cable to clip the chip, ensure reliable electrical connection.Some circuit needs to use the probe. Package list: Xhorse VVDI PROG EEPROM clip adapter (1 pcs)...
Brand: Xhorse Model: PCK-XH-EW4
Brand: Xhorse Model: PCK-XH-032
Package list:1pc x vvdi prog programmer mc9s12 reflash cable version 1  ..
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