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Brand: Mercedes Benz Model: PCK-IMO-OF12
Plug in ESL (electronic steering column) module emulator for Mercedes E, C class W203, W211, W209 body style.This device works with Mercedes EIS. It emulates both old (W202, 208, 210) and new (203, 208, 209, 211)ESL types functioning. You can use this emulator for testing oforiginal ESL ..
Brand: BMW Model: PCK-IMO-OF5
Quickly resolve problematic ELV module problems.Remove the 4-pin connector from your ELV unit, plug the connector into the emulator and start the vehicle.• Works with E60, E87, E90 and similar. • Emulates ELV (steering lock module). • Plug  and  Play  -  no additional progra..
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