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Barracuda Programmer

Scorpio-LK's Barracuda programmer is a new platform which is intended to complement Tango programmer in our pursuit to release solid 

solutions for locksmiths and users working in the sphere of automotive repairs and vehicles maintenance.

Barracuda will not replace Tango or Orange-5, functions previously released on these programmers won't be implemented in Barracuda.

Vehicle Selection

Brand: Scorpio-lk Model: PCK-SLK-BARR-ANS
 Barracuda Annual Subscription from Scorpio-LKScorpio-LK's Barracuda programmer is a new platform which is intended to complementTango programmer in our pursuit to release solid  solutions for locksmiths and usersworking in the sphere of automotive repairs and vehicles maint..
Brand: Scorpio-lk Model: PCK-SLK-BARR
Several years ago we have decided that we need a new type of hardware that will allow usto pursue functions, which are either impossible or will be very difficult to achieve with ourcurrent lineup of programmers. After many iterations, we are finally content with thehar..
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