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Brand: Scorpio-lk Model: PCK-SLK-050
The software is for Volvo sync code matching:CEM (28F400) CEM (93C86)Engine Ecu 93C56Engine Ecu 24C04Engine Ecu 95P08***************Engine Ecu with EEPROM 95080 is not supported yet.Generally, the software works forVolvo S60 1999-2007Volvo S80 1999-2006Volvo XC90 1999-2006..
Brand: Scorpio-lk Model: PCK-SLK-ACTIVE
Software Description:1. Active subscription allows access to all Tango features and functions. The period is 365 days.2. Existing devices retain access to the functions they already have active (base software + makers) regardless of subscription status.3. Newly added functions require an active subs..
Brand: Scorpio-lk Model: PCK-SLK-051
Non-USAThis software deals with:ALFA ROMEO 147 ID48  159 ID48  GT ID48 The Software can be used with the following Alfa Romeo models: 145 (1995-2001) 146 155 156 (1998-2001) 164 166 (1998-2003) GTV Spider...
Brand: Scorpio-lk Model: PCK-SLK-033
Tango Software for BCM2 Maker Audi A4/A5/Q5 New...
Brand: Scorpio-lk Model: PCK-SLK-020
Tango software BMW bikes DST80 maker.This Software is for:BMW bikesC600C650R1200Husquarna900R..
Brand: Scorpio-lk Model: PCK-SLK-021
Software is forCADILLAC:Catera 1997-1999CTS 2003- (68HC908,ID48) CTS 2005- (95040,HITAG) DTC 2006-Escalade 2006-SRX 68HC908 2004- SRX 95040..
Brand: Scorpio-lk Model: PCK-SLK-022
The Software is for Chevrolet:Caprice 2006-CaptivaCobalt 2004-HHR 2007- (95040,HITAG)..
Brand: Scorpio-lk Model: PCK-SLK-023
This software is for Chrysler:Crossfire 2004-2007Pacifica 2004- (95040, HITAG) Pacifica 2005- (95080, HITAG) Sebring 2007- (24C16,HITAG)Town & Country 2004-(95080,HITAG) Voyager 2004- (95040, HITAG) Voyager 2004- (95080, HITAG)..
Brand: Scorpio-lk Model: PCK-SLK-052
Non-USAThe software isCitroen:C1 2004C4 2010Jumper 1999Jumper 2006Jumper 2011Jumper 2012-Nemo 2007Relay 2006..
Brand: Scorpio-lk Model: PCK-SLK-024
The software is for:Kessy(93C86)Comfort(95320)dashboard Micronas+24C32..
Brand: Scorpio-lk Model: PCK-SLK-053
Software covers Dacia:Duster 2010-(95040,HITAG) Logan 2004... (Hitag2) Siemens Logan 2010-(95040,HITAG) Sandero 2008- (93C66,HITAG) Sandero 2008- (95040, HITAG)..
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