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Software Description:

1. Active subscription allows access to all Tango features and functions. The period is 365 days.

2. Existing devices retain access to the functions they already have active (base software + makers) regardless of subscription status.

3. Newly added functions require an active subscription, old maker activations are discontinued for new purchases and become part of the subscription.

4. All devices will retain access to base software, regardless of subscription status.

5. Newly acquired devices (post-SW 1.124 release) will receive a 1-year subscription upon registration and request by the user.

Starting with this update (SW: 1.124), the unified subscription model is introduced.

It is activated in the same fashion additional software currently is, i.e. via a file that is loaded onto hardware via Tango.exe (Help->Updates: Add License).

Status and remaining time can be viewed in Help->Updates->View Licenses.

Orders of subscription are made in the same manner as previously paid functions were (via mail with device serial number),

after which we send the activation file to you.

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