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Tango Software v1.112

· Tango software added (online update)

· Toyota Tango Plus v6.6: added Toyota C-HR 2016-*

· Key maker Opel Mokka 2008- (24C16, HITAG)

· Key maker Peugeot 607 2001- (93C66, MEG48)

· Key maker Hyundai i30 Immobox 2012- (STM8, DST80)

· Key maker Chevrolet Equinox 2011- (24C16, HITAG)

· Updated Tango Maker Help file

World First: Tango+ Toyota V6.5 SmartKey Systems OBD Framework for "all keys lost" SmartKeys128bit Page1 39[Tango 1.110 - November 2017] (read more)

World First: True Image Generator for Toyota H-Keys (Page1 39, 59, 5A, 99) on TRPWS21 [Tango 1.109 - July 2017]

World First: TIRIS AES verifying of a crypto key [Tango 1.109 - July 2017]

World First: Tango+ Toyota V6.0 SmartKey Systems OBD Framework for "all keys lost" 40/80/128bit SmartKeys [Tango 1.108 - February 2017] ( read more)

World First: Dump editor to pair Smartkey ECU with ID CODE ECU.        
True calculation of synchro code on Smartkey ECU.
Dump editor pairs all four units: 
Engine ECU, Smartkey ECU, Steering Lock ECU and ID CODE ECU.[Tango 1.107 - August 2016]

World First: Copying of Daihatsu-G keys [Tango 1.107 - August 2016]

World First: Daihatsu-G TRUE Image generator (Page1 3B, 5B) [Tango 1.107 - August 2016]

World First: Toyota+: OBD Reset European cars based on G-immoboxes [Tango 1.106 - July 2016]

World First: Subaru Smart Key (F1) RESET [Tango 1.105 - May 2016]

World First: Toyota image generator for Page1 36,56,96,37,57,97 [Tango 1.105 - May 2016]

World First: Image generator for DST80 transponders (4D6F)
of Toyota and Subaru Smart Key image with Page1 78, 98, F1
A generator is available from the maker " Toyota Smart Key" [Tango 1.104 - April 2016]

World First Reset PCF7941 with Orange-5 Immo HPX 4V0

Free off-line full copy of TIRIS DST (ID60-70)

Image generator ID70 on ID4D

Image generator ID67/68 on ID4D

Searching of the 7th byte by existing car’s key

Free write Component Security 7 bytes Tool (Megamos48)

Full FREE production of TP22, TP23, TP24, TP25

Tango Key maker for BMW CAS can unlock and write locked with 
unknown password transponders PCF7943 & PCF7944

Exclusive new feature - Megamos-48 crypto calculation.

Software and drivers:

Tango Sofware download Ver 1.104 install

then do the update of the software to the latest version.

Tango Driver v4 download

Tango Maker Help download

Tango Toyota+ Ver 6.6 download


I.On Windows 7/8/10 run Tango+ Toyota executable as the administrator.

II. If you get missing *.dll message on Tango+ Toyota launch, you are missing Windows OS system libraries. First, make sure your OS has all Microsoft updates for it installed, then download and install both x86 and x64 Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Packages: ... px?id=5555 ... x?id=14632


Orange5 is a professional programming

device for memory and microcontrollers.

The unique feature of the current series programmers

is a built-in macro language for writing down protocols,

that gives the fast and easy capability to add new types

of micro schemes, precisely meeting manufacturers'

requirements to read/write algorithms.


New software update for Orange 5 v1.35r2 - Archive password

is same as for the previous version. 


Technical Info:

- USB power supply (USB2.0/3.0).

- Universal easy to plug panel ZIF16 for EEPROM

- Control of contacts in the sockets

- Two expansions compatible with Orange4 and Omega MTRK

- Protection against overcurrent

- Overload voltage protection

- Two types of power supply: Standard (USB) and enhanced (USB + external power supply)

- Three 3 adjustable voltage and current control: Voltage of power supply ( 2.0...5.0V ), programming voltage (2.0...21.0V),

additional static 10V for microcontrollers.

- High-speed bidirectional pin drivers with adjustable voltage (2.0...5.0V)

- Wave cycle generator with frequency ( up to 24 Mhz) and out voltage(2.0...5.0V) adjustment.

- The capability of functional emulation of class CDC USB devices.

- Built-in 32-bit virtual machine

- Supported interface: I2С, SPI, MicroWire, JTAG, UART, BDM, ISO7816, K-LINE (via adapter), CAN (via adapter).

- The programmer is enclosed in a functional box.


Supported work under the following Operational Systems:

 Windows XP/7 32bit

 Windows 7/8/8.1/10 64bit.


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