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Warranties for our “Mail in Module service”

We provide 30-Day, Money-Back, Satisfaction Guarantee only for our “Mail In Module Service”

Payless Car Keys Corp. guarantees all our “Mail in module services” with limited warranties.

We guarantee that the key or transponder chip or smart key will be programmed directly to the memory of the module that was mailed to us for the service. We will not guarantee that the car will start and (or) drive if it has mechanical, electrical or water damage even if it started and was driven before or after our service. We guarantee it with our education and experience in automotive locksmith that key that we provide to you will be correctly coded and programmed by our equipment and our skills. If we make a mistake in programming we will fix it at our cost.

If within 30 days of the service you still have a problem and you believe we didn’t do our job correctly, please send back the key provided to you for the service and we will fully refund your payment.

Payless Car Keys Corp. offers a 30-day, money-back, 100% no-hassle, satisfaction guarantee that covers ALL parts and labor. Within 30 days, if anything goes wrong we will make it right or refund ALL of your Money. After 30-days if something goes wrong or does not work the way it suppose to be we will be happy to help you but it will be for a separate fee. Please contact us for more information.