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Brand: Xhorse Model: PCK-CA-CCT
VVDI MB TOOL / ABRITES COMPATIBLE FOR READING PASSWORD Test EZS / EIS thanks to the emulator inside our deviceThanks to the multiplexer inside our device you can control ELV THERE IS NO REQUIREMENT FOR EXTRA GATEWAY CONNECTION WITH GOLDCAR BOX EIS EZS•     &n..
Brand: Xhorse Model: PCK-XH-132
XHORSE TIS TECHSTREAM V10.30.029 DIAGNOSTIC CABLE FOR TOYOTASupports diagnostics and active tests.Supported Language: English/French/German/Italian/SpanishSupport computer system: Windows XP 32bitUpdate: This item cannot be updatedSoftware version: V10.30.029 TIS Diagnostic Cable for Toyota Fun..
Brand: Xhorse Model: PCK-XH-056
This cable is used for VVDI Diagnostic interface, if your cableis damaged or lost, you can buy it for a replacement.Package list: 1pc x VVDI Main Testing Cable...
Brand: Xhorse Model: PCK-XH-058
VVDI MB NEC ELV Adaptor can work together with VVDI MB BGA. If Benz W202/W204/W212 steering lock is broken, you can use thisVVDI MB NEC EVL Adaptor and VVDI BGA to renew, then use VVDI MB BGA to reprogram. If cannot renew successfully, you need to get SO386 ELV Emulator to change. ..
Brand: Xhorse Model: PCK-XH-041
Package includes:1 Tracer for IKeyCutter Condor XC-Mini/XC-007 key cutting machine.Diameter: 1.0 mm.  ..
Brand: Xhorse Model: PCK-XH-044
Package includes:1 Tracer for Condor XC-002 Manually Key Cutting Machine.It's universal tracer on one side it's 1.5 mm on the other side it's 2.5 mmDiameter: 1.5 mm - 2.5 mm.  ..
Brand: Xhorse Model: PCK-XH-042
Package includes: The milling cutter for IKeyCutter Condor XC-007, XC-002,and Condor XC-mini key cutting machine.Diameter: 1.5mm.  ..
Brand: Xhorse Model: PCK-XH-040
Diameter: 2.0mmA high-quality milling cutter for Ikeycutter Condor XC-007/Condor XC-MINI/XC-002Package List: 1pc x 2.0mm Milling Cutter...
Brand: Xhorse Model: PCK-XH-043
Package includes: The milling cutter for IKeyCutter Condor XC-007, XC-002,and Condor XC-mini key cutting machine.Diameter: 2.5mm.  ..
Brand: Xhorse Model: PCK-XH-130
Test line works with VVDI MB BGA tool.It is only ISM cable if you have EIS/ELV 5cables before, you can add ISM cable.Package List: 1pc*7-G cable of EIS/ELV Test Line...
Brand: Xhorse Model: PCK-XH-131
Xhorse Mercedes Benz Giar box DSM 7-G renew cable for VVDI MB BGA toolIt is only 7-G cable, if you have EIS/ELV 5 cables before,you can add 7-G cable.If you want a full set of EIS/ELV Test Line for Mercedes,you can choose this one SF205 or you can buy SF205-B together.Package includes: 1..
Brand: Xhorse Model: PCK-XH-035
Package includes:1pc x PCF79XX - adapter. Supports chip models:PCF7922PCF7941PCF7945PCF7952PCF7953PCF7961 Pcf79xx chip function  (1) currently, PCF79XX chip support lock, unlock and read/write data.(2) renew function will be added in the coming days, it will loadcorresponding ..
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